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Whether you are a first time home buyer just starting out, or ready to retire looking for new homes for sale, hobby farm for sale...


Come and see what Virgil has to offer, new homes for sale, home that need renovation...


Quaint village of Queenston with historic homes for sale...

Cheryl Carmichael & Trish Badham Niagara-on-the-Lake Realty Sales Representatives have been living and working as real estate agents  in Niagara on the Lake for the past fourteen years for Niagara on the Lake Realty.  They live in St. Davids, are active in the community, Cheryl Carmichael is on the parent teacher council for the local Pubilc school where her 2 boys attend, both have done extensive home renovations, Cheryl has built three of her own homes in Niagara on the Lake.  Trish moved here to open her own Bed and breakfast and choose Niagara on the Lake for the wonderful climate and thought in the future would be a great place to retire to. Her goal was to buy  piece of property to run a hobby farm or vineyard. Cheryl lived on a farm with her family and grew grapes along side her husband. 


Speaking of vineyards Niagara on the Lake is becoming renowned for the number and qualty of wines and is hot property to invest in checkout the information on the website under wineries for sale.   


St. Davids is having a small boom for new developments aimed at those active retirees coming from the GTA. Housing prices start at $350K for a nicetownhouse bunglaow.  Niagara on the Lake has 4 new developments each being at different stage for sale. Starting at $425K.


Both Cheryl and Trish have been helping new arrivees feel welcome and at home in thier wonderful town of Niagara on the Lake.


Let us help you find the Life you want to Live!

Zooming to Retirement


The Retirement years are in sight! You are almost there, the kids are slowly moving out, you are thinking about how you wish to spend the next stage of your life. You are more focused on activities for you, whether that be a hobby, traveling or volunteer activities.  Your needs start to change, whether that is the size of house, location where you wish to live and your needs /concerns about your financial future. One of those decisions is do you sell your family home and if so where do you wish to live.  Although full retirement might still be several years off, moving to a more suitable and affordable residence today may be the best move for the long term. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating your future lifestyle and residence.


Your Budget

When deciding the pros and cons of staying in your present home, there are many issues to consider, one is the cost of the home. Long-term budget planning should take into account not only standard day-to-day expenses, but also the cost of home improvements/renovations, repairs or replacement of aging appliances or home heating/cooling systems.  In addition, there are practical considerations such as the style of home and the possible physical or financial burden of property management in later years.


As you approach retirement you may prefer to free up some of the equity that has built up over the years in your present house. Many people use this equity to supplement their retirement savings, help their children with education costs or to purchase another home. Whatever the reason, it’s important to seek solid real estate and financial advice before making a decision.


Things to Consider before Choosing a New Residence for Retirement

Location of a new residence should encompass all you imagine for your future retirement lifestyle. You will finally have the time to participate in all the activities you’ve never managed to squeeze in before; therefore, it is important to take into account proximity to family, friends and the facilities that house your favourite recreational or social activities. This may include golf courses, church, recreational facilities, social clubs or the local theatre.


The other thing you need to consider if you are moving is access to medical support.  Many locations across Canada have a lack of Doctors and waiting lists for a family physician. 


 You also need to consider what you need inside your new residence, you may desire an additional bedroom for visits from grandchildren or an easy-access bathroom with improved shower, bath and toilet for greater comfort in the future. In addition, wide, shallow steps and an easy front walk-up will be important inclusions for less limber bodies. Sufficient outdoor lighting is a necessity for home security and personal safety. Although you may be moving to a smaller residence overall, your personal space will likely be greater due to innovative designs created with the retirement lifestyle in mind, perhaps in the form of a dressing room, art studio or office.


Before making a decision to move out of town to a vacation home or any type of residence, imagine yourself living day-to-day further away from family and friends and try to explore potential ramifications of the increased distance. You may consider building a guestroom so that you can entertain friends and family on a regular basis, while still enjoying your quiet, country retreat.

Whether you choose to stay in the family home, build, move to a recreational property or condominium, consider the activities you currently enjoy and reflect on your evolving interests and the new priorities of your future.




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